Jam Lovell owns Black Dog Metal Arts, LLC with her fiance, Danny Rohr. She currently lives in Peoria, IL where she works as the Gallery Curator and Adjunct Faculty at Illinois Central College. Lovell received her BS in Painting with a minor in Psychology at Illinois State University in Normal, IL in 2014. She received her MA degree at Eastern Illinois University in 2015 and her MFA in Sculpture from Southern Illinois University in 2018.

Her work has been included in publications such as Expose Art Magazine, Studio Visit Magazine, Blue Room Magazine, Season 6 of Expressions on PBS, and the Studio Break podcast. In 2017 she was a resident at the Art Farm in Marquette, NE. She has exhibited her work nationally, including Las Vegas, Chicago, St. Louis, Birmingham, and Scranton. 

Artist Statement:
My work is an exploration of my relationships with others. I internalize different situations and interactions with others in order to put them back out in to the world in a re-imagined way. Each piece is inspired by my poetry, which allows the sculptures to stand as a visual representation of the written work. I utilize the strength, weight, and permanence of cast iron to comment on the resilience of the relationships paired with hand knit material to connote comfort, safety, and familiarity in the pieces.

Contact me at jamlovellart@gmail.com